Learn The 5 Step Blue Print That We Use To Identify Top Alternative Investments And Build A Strong, Recession Resistant, Passive Investing Portfolio.


I'm Going To Show You...

  • The Step by Step Process I Use to Find The Best Alternative Investments That Were Previously Reserved Only For The Ultra-Rich.

  • How I Vet These Opportunities And Avoid Investing In The Wrong Deal.

  • How To Not Be a Retail Investor. Wall Street Commissions And Fees Will Devastate The Growth Of Wealth.

  • How To Invest From The Right Place (And It’s Not A 401K, Roth IRA, Or Other Government Sponsored Vehicle)

  • How I Leverage The Expertise of Others And Invest In Deals That Passively Grow My Cash Flow And Wealth.

My name is Kent Leach and I founded Hickory Creek Capital Partners to change the way people invest. I’ve been investing in alternative investments like real estate and businesses for over 20 years. I love finding great investments that grow my cash flow and wealth passively.

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